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3E MEDIA SERVICES is a growing African-focused fully Integrated Marketing Communications & Consultancy firm, whose collaborative knowledge, strategic insights, and innovative programs assist our clients in achieving and reaching their goals.

Founded in 2006 by Ghanaian nationals, 3E MEDIA SERVICES is committed to delivering superior service and value to our customer’s needs. We focus on delivering measurable results to our clients through a full range of consulting and communication disciplines: Strategy Development, Media, Public relations, Advocacy, Integrated Marketing Communications, Television and Radio Productions, and Event management.

Our team consists of a pool of seasoned professionals and associates in fields ranging from award-winning Journalists, Media consultants, Social Scientists, Economists, Political analysts, Marketing experts, Project Executives, and Documentary & Film Producers.


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We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are passionate and committed to eradicating poverty, promoting rural development, and enhancing people’s capacity to take control of their lives. Our consultancy services provide assistance in these areas and will help you achieve your objectives. This is manifest in the Community Relations consultancy services we render mostly to organizations in the mining industry. Our goal is to provide dedicated, satisfactory, and sustainable support and services to our clients and eventually become a center of excellence.